Greenfield Hill Volunteer Fire Company No. 5 Records

Collection, Ms B89

1933 – 1997
Fairfield Museum
The Greenfield Hill Volunteer Fire Company No. 5 was founded in 1933 by a group of prominent citizens who wanted fire protection for residents in their part of town. The company also provided a social outlet for its members, and raised funds for charity. Originally located at 165 Verna Hill Road, the fire house moved in 1959 to 3965 Congress Street. The Company eventually was supplemented by full-time town firemen. A drop in membership led to their disbanding in 1997. Ellwood McLevy, treasurer, acted in behalf of his son, who was president of the company and donated their records and memorabilia to the Historical Society.
The records of the Greenfield Hill Volunteer Fire Company are organized into eight series representing various operations of the organization. Administrative records are divided into 5 series. Series A consists of the articles of association; the constitution, by-laws and amendments; and a list of charter members, 1933. Series B encompasses minutes of membership meetings between 1933-1997, with a significant gap between 1962-1974. Reports from officers to the membership, 1934-1955, and biennial reports from the company to the state of Connecticut, 1950-194, are arranged in Series C. Legal documents in Series D include leases and mortgages on the company's two fire houses, 1947-1959; the certificate of dissolution, 1997; and petitions concerning the appointment of a fire commission and the construction of new fire house for Greenfield Hill, 1938-1956. Incoming correspondence, 1934-1994, and outgoing letters, 1934-1987, are arranged chronologically in Series E. Membership records are organized in Series F. They encompass applications, 1934-1986; roll books, 1934-1991; attendance records at individual meetings, 1950-1967; membership lists and cards, 1949-1989; and dues receipts, 1946-1997.

Financial records for the company, arranged in Series G, are fragmented--there was no journal of record. As a result, bills, warrants, and check stubs have been retained to provide the most complete coverage of the groups financial activities. Among the records are annual audits and statements of account, 1946-1988, 1991; bills and requests for reimbursement, some of which have warrants attached, dating between 1941-1989; warrants for payment, 1941-1991; notes on investments, 1960-1987; insurance policies, 1958-1997; equipment inventories, 1949-1965; check stubs, 1935-1986; and records concerning fund raising efforts and special events, including a raffle, 1941-1962.

Publicity and public relations materials in Series H, dating from 1933-1962, include press releases and newspaper articles (copied onto acid-free paper and the originals disposed); Robert P. Shelton's notes on meetings; photographic portraits of the company's chiefs between 1933-1981; group photographs; a commemorative plaque in honor of Robert P. Shelton; and material relating to the Connecticut Firemen's Association. The membership roll and photographic portraits were removed from their frames for preservation purposes. The hand lettering on the mats were photocopied and stored with the photographs.