Avon Historical Society

The Avon Historical Society Inc, incorporated in 1974, was formed to commemorate the country’s Bicentennial in 1976.  After incorporating, they signed a 99-year lease with the Town of Avon to restore the 1865 Pine Grove Schoolhouse, the Town’s oldest structure still in its original location. It is open to the public every summer.  Since that time the Society has taken lease of three other historic properties – one from the Town (a one-room schoolhouse to open in 2024 as a modern museum of Avon’s history) and two from the State of Connecticut.  For fifty years the Society has collected over 900 items for its collection, including a large number of ephemera which is housed in the Marian Hunter Local History Room of the Avon Free Public Library.  The Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the conservation of Avon’s historical and cultural heritage and its educational relevance to our life today. 

We are particularly proud of the discovery by the state of Connecticut DOT of the Brian D. Jones Paleo Indian site in 2019 during the construction of a new bridge over the Farmington River in Avon.  This site is the oldest known human occupation site in southern New England, carbon dated to 12,500 years ago (10,000 BC).  The over 15,000 artifacts and features removed from the site are under analysis with a fascinating story emerging of the early peopling of North America.  We encourage the public to watch our Unearthing History webinar series on the Avon Library’s YouTube channel to learn more about this time in the evolution of our continent.
P.O. Box 448
Avon, CT 06001