Soap, Angelique Red Satin

From Wilton Historical Society

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Angelique or “Skunk Works” was founded after the war in 1946 by Lee Swartout and Skunk Lane resident Charles Granville. They both had prior experience in the perfume business, and were excited to create and distribute their own signature scents. The company first took over the rented space above Hubbard Keeler’s building at 93 Old Ridgefield Road, the location of the present-day CVS. With its team of over 20 female employees. Angelique purchased raw materials in bulk and bottled up their concoctions to sell to the public. Creativity was apparent in the minds of Swartout and Granville. The “high grade perfumes” boasted one-of-a-kind names such as Black Satin, Folly, Murmur, Distraction, and Wanderlust. One couldn’t get Angelique products in department stores, only in specialty shops. Their marketing tactics were just as zany. In 1950, Swartout and Granville installed a blower on the roof of their building in an attempt to waft their newest scents across Wilton Center. They also placed scented dry ice in clouds over Paris to produce fragrant rain, and they even dumped gallons of perfume in the Gulf Stream to try and reach the shores of the British Isles. In 1954, Angelique planned to dye Niagara Falls red, though they were stopped by the police. Angelique was bought by competitor Hazel Bishop Inc., who unsurprisingly closed down the company a year later


1" H, 2 3/8" Diameter
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4" H, 2 3/8" Diameter
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1/4" H, 2 1/4" Diameter
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Gift of Catherine Romer
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