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circa 1848
Wakeman Family Record.  This sampler shows the family details of the family of Silas Wakeman and his wife Abbey Bradley Wakeman, and is also a memorial to Abbey Bradley Wakeman.  The memorial stone at the bottom of traditional gravestone shape, reads, "IN / MEMORY / OF / Abbey Bradley] / [Wakeman] Who / Died June 19 / 1842 aged 34 / years farewell / my Partner and / children dear pre/pare for death [illegible] / while I sleep [illegible]"
Given that Abbey Bradley Wakeman died on June 19, 1842, and the youngest daughter, Abbey Bradley Wakeman was born on June 6 1842, the elder Abbey very likely died of complications from childbirth. 
Family details stitched on the sampler read, "Family Record / Silas Wakeman born may 6 1804 / 
Abbey Bradley Wakeman born [oct 18] 1809 / Moses Henry Wakeman born nov 4 1829 / Polly Sophia Wakeman born sept 11 1831 / Betsey Ann Wakeman born Jan 1 1834 / Clarina Bradley Wakeman born dec [18] 1837 / Abbey Bradely Wakeman born june 6 1842". 
Motifs on the sampler of a steepled church and weeping willow tree are traditional mourning images.  The signature below this appears to be "C. B. Wakeman" for one of the daughters, Clarina Bradley Wakeman.  The date is partially illegible, but appears to be 1848; Clarina would have been 11 years old, and this would have the age that girls were being taught to stitch and working on pieces like this. 

19 5/8" H X 17 7/8" W
Measurement Notes: 19 5/8" H x 17 1/8" W
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