Log Cabin Quilt

From Fairfield Museum

Curatorial Description
Pieced silk and velvet log cabin quilt; squares are approx. 7 7/8”; center black silk square approx. 16 1/4”; hand embroidered with wheat sheaves and central monogram “W”, surrounded by pieced blocks, 4 on each side; 4” wide black silk and cotton sashing has hand-embroidered chain stitch shapes (see reverse of this sheet), outer edge composed of 6 pieced squares each side. Border is 2 1/2”curved edge tabs - see diagram on worksheet. Three part construction, not quilted; backed with tan silk that is hand stitched. Initial originally thought to be “M” now considered to be “W”. Old record has “I.F.T.”

Measurement Notes: 61 1/2” x 59 1/2”
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