Photo - Framed oval picture of Chloe S. Bushnell

From Madison Historical Society

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Oval photograph on paper, in square frame under glass, c.1850 - 1873, of Chloe Scranton Bushnell (10/2/1784 - 7/5/1873).  Her mother is pictured at ACC# 74.1.2 (<a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>).  We also have Chloe's painted document storage box at ACC# 2018.013.001 (<a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>).  Name, birth and death dates are on card under picture; H: 5 7/8" W: 3 1/4" sight; H: 10 3/4" W: 8" in frame.  Donor: Elizabeth Skinner Platt (Mrs. Frank) of Madison, CT
0.0000000000 cm. H X 0.0000000000 cm. W X 0.0000000000 cm. D X 0.0000000000 cm. L, 0 g Weight, 0.0000000000 cm. Diameter, 0.0000000000 cm. Circumference
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