Photograph - Joseph Curtis Platt

From Madison Historical Society

Curatorial Description
High quality, matted, black and white photos of original oil portraits 7 1/8" x 9 3/8", mounted to 8" x 10" Presumed to be collected for a c.1950 MHS exhibit. Joseph Platt has s slight smile on his face and looks directly at the viewer, Wears a black, knotted tie of some kind with a decorative pin a little below the knot. Has a white, folded collar (and shirt) with a black suit jacket and vest of the same color. 
Info on back:
(Son of Joseph Platt, Lawyer, and Lydia Pratt.)
Merchant, Real Estate, Town Planner, Banker. 
Married Catherine Scranton in Madison 1844. 
Moved toe Slocum Hollow (Scranton) in 1846
Author: Early History of Scranton, PA. 
Grandfather - Philip Platt
Great Grandfather - Joseph C., A. Blair, Frederick J., David Platt. 
Loaned by Mrs. J. Curtis Platt, Waverly, PA. 
Photograph by Howard Cooley
10" x 8 1/8"
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