Publication -"Floral Bells" by Mrs. C.M. Badger

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Date manufactured/created
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"Floral Bells" by Mrs. C.M. Badger, 1867.  Clarissa Munger Badger was a Madison resident who was a noted botanical artist famous for her folio nature books and prose.  Learn more about Clarissa at <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>.
This album of paintings is in a brown leather binding with a gold embossed design of flowers and the title, on the front and back cover.  There is only one poem, "To the Rose of Gethsemane" in this folio, which has no inside title or copyright info.  Inscribed on the fly leaf, "Catherine A. Wilcox Nash from Clarissa M. Badger."
Front cover and binding is loose and there is some foxing on pages.
14 1/2" X 11 1 1/2", 3/4" thick
Donated by Grace B. Hull
0.0000000000 cm. H X 0.0000000000 cm. W X 0.0000000000 cm. D X 0.0000000000 cm. L, 0 g Weight, 0.0000000000 cm. Diameter, 0.0000000000 cm. Circumference
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