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Date manufactured/created
1725 – 1823
Curatorial Description
Memorial Bible to Revolutionary War fatality of Titus Teall Condition: rough and torn. Old testament title page is missing. New testament says "Berwick: Printed by and For John Tayler." Has geneology from 1725-1767 and 1784-1823.  Cover page of a memorial bible by Benjamin Teal "In memory of Titus Teall who died in the Continental Army 1778.  Dated December 3rd, 1792, it was "purchased with money that his brother Titus left at his decease, and given same by his Brothers and Sisters."  According to <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>, "Titus Teall, born November 13, 1756 in Middletown, Conn.; died February 02, 1788 in Valley Forge, PA.
 Notes for Titus Teall:
Answered the call for the Lexington Alarm with his brother Timothy. Both men are shown on the rolls for the town of Killingsworth, Conn. Serving under Captain Aaron Stevens.
Revolution War service: Connecticut Militia 
8th Company- Captain Samuel Gale- Private Titus Teal 
Capitan Hyde's Company- Titus Teall died Feb. 2,177 at Valley Forge of smallpox. His brother Oliver was in the same Company and at Valley Forge that winter. 
 More About Titus Teall:
Christening: June 10, 1759, Holy Trinity Church, Middletown, Conn.
Fact 1: Died In Washington's Army At Valley Forge"
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