View of Fairfield’s Main Street

From Fairfield Museum

Date manufactured/created
circa 1790 – 1818
This rare view of early Fairfield was created as an overmantel, part of the wood paneling surrounding a fireplace in the house depicted. The house was located on the south side of Main Street (now Old Post Road), between Beach and South Benson Roads. It was built soon after the Revolutionary War, and was the home of Reverend James Sayre, an Episcopal minister, and his wife, Sarah Dennie Sayre. The house was torn down around 1845, but the overmantle panel and the staircase were saved. The painting was later framed and given to the Fairfield Historical Society in 1903, its founding year. It is attributed to Fairfield native Jonathan Budington. 
25 in H X 41.125 in W
Measurement Notes: 48 3/8” W x 32 1/2” H (with frame); 41 1/8” W x 25” H (without frame)
Measurement Types: Images
32.5 in H X 48.375 in W
Measurement Types: Frames
Credit Line
Gift of Mrs. Amory E. Rowland
Accession/ID number