Display - Civil War Collection and Commentary

From Madison Historical Society

Curatorial Description
A framed collection of Civil War artifacts: 2 Minie bullets, 1 musket ball, 2 buttons, 2 unidentified objects, 1 newspaper Clipping, and three pictures (Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and Civil War soldier). The pictures appear in black and white as does the newspaper sketch of the Inauguration of Camp Benton in St. Louis Missouri. Also contains two commemorative coins of the Civil War and Battle of Shiloh. The matte background is dark blue and the frame looks to be made of cherry. The authenticity of all items is verified by Americana Collectibles. There are three written sections to accompany the artifacts: one regarding the new rifle bullet, one as a memorial to the devastation fo the war, and one quote from Abraham Lincoln.  36 1/2" x 27 1/2" x 2"
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