Pictures East River Reading Room before sale

From Madison Historical Society

Curatorial Description
Collection of 7 large (13" x 19") color photo prints taken to document the inside and outside of the East River Reading Room, and its founders, before its sale by the Foundation to a private owner. In 1874, the East River Reading Room on the Boston Post Road in Madison, CT opened and served as a town library and meeting place. According to its bylaws, the objective was "the mental and moral improvement of its members by means of books, papers, magazines and periodicals with exhibitions, readings, recitations, music and lectures." It was supplanted by the Scranton Memorial Library in 1901. These images are provided by the Madison Historical Society to document its appearance as of September, 2016. MHS has no ownership or financial interest in the site.  See the November 16,1987 'The Suburban News' article about it at pics/Historic photos/east river... The latest news as of November 2016 is that the ERRR will be sold, with a conservation clause, with the proceeds to go the Madison's Scranton Memorial Library. See Printed on HP Advanced photo paper. Signed and dated by photogragher Bob Gundersen  Stored together in yellow Staples paper box
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