Portrait of Catherine S. Scranton on ivory

From Madison Historical Society

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1841 miniature watercolor on ivory portrait of Catherine S. Scranton, age 19 or 21 (conflicting note on back of frame).  Catherine married and was afterwards known as Mrs J.C. Platt. The painting is by Caroline Munger Washburn, a co-founder of the East River Reading Room (<a href="https://flic.kr/p/QH6Sxy" rel="noreferrer nofollow">flic.kr/p/QH6Sxy</a>), the sister of artist Clarissa Munger Badger (see <a href="https://flic.kr/s/aHskGqv2x4" rel="noreferrer nofollow">flic.kr/s/aHskGqv2x4</a>), and the daughter of George Munger (see <a href="https://flic.kr/p/FeM2Zr" rel="noreferrer nofollow">flic.kr/p/FeM2Zr</a>). Very fragile; there is a crack in the ivory and a small section of swag is missing on border frame. Portrait shows a dark haired girl in a white dress with dark figured stole and a pink rose in her hand and sitting in a rose chair.  It has a white mat under glass in a gold frame; inner edge of mat has a gold garland-like band around the picture.  Gold garland forms two swags and a multi-looped bow at the top of the frame. H: 4 3/4" W: 3 5/8" sight; H: 11" W: 7 3/4" in frame. Painted by Mrs. Caroline Washburn of New York. in Nov. 1841.  Info on frame back
0.0000000000 cm. H X 0.0000000000 cm. W X 0.0000000000 cm. D X 0.0000000000 cm. L, 0 g Weight, 0.0000000000 cm. Diameter, 0.0000000000 cm. Circumference
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