Poster - "The Tired Faun" & "The Heart of Frances" Madison Playbarn - 2

From Madison Historical Society

Curatorial Description
Large yellow poster advertising the one act plays "The Tired Faun" and "The Heart of Frances," presented by the Madison Play-Barn on Boston Post Road opposite the Green. Performances advertised to take place on Friday, July 27, 1923 and Saturday, July 28, 1923 at 8:30 P.M. D.S.T. Admission cost $1.00 or 50 cents, with tickets by subscription (telephone Madison 87) or at the gate. Within the top half of the poster is a picture of a medieval man with long hair and a billowing outfit. He is also wearing a large hat, long cape, gloves, and boots with long white papers at his feet. In one hand, he is holding a piece of paper at his hip with a bent arm, and in the other, he is holding the two drama masks with his arm extended away from him. He is looking at the masks. 22" x 14".
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