Poquetanuck Fire Truck

1947 (Date manufactured/created)
8.5" H X 11" W
Coll. 001 Fold. 010 Doc. 008 Poquetanuck Fire Truck
Two pages, stapled, horizontal.  First page is a black and white copy of a photograph of the Poquetanuck Engine # 3 with three men standing in front of fire truck.  Second page is handwritten.  Printed on the top and "Poquetanuck Fire Department" written in cursive on the bottom right hand corner.  The following is written on the second page, "  1947 Maxim Pumper - 1st Commercial Built Fire Truck in Preston -  Photo taken in Dec. 1947 - Note 1st fire station in background which is now the site of Overhead Door Company - Existing fire house located across from Overhead Door Company.  This pumper is still "in Service" at the Poquetanuck Fire Dept."
Coll. 001 Fold. 010 Doc. 008