Flag of the old "Militia Company"

From Madison Historical Society

Date manufactured/created
Date manufactured/created
Curatorial Description
The flag of the old "Militia Company" known as the 5th and 10th Regt. Infantry State of Conn. Flag depicts a spreading eagle made of gold leaf, the words É Pluribus Unum ' , and a cannon with flags and a drum beside it. Framed under glass, but originally trimmed with gold fringe. Mounted on raw hide. Past preservation technique applied a light green nylon mist net over the material to support it.  OL: 52 1/2, OW: 60
0.0000000000 cm. H X 0.0000000000 cm. W X 0.0000000000 cm. D X 0.0000000000 cm. L, 0 g Weight, 0.0000000000 cm. Diameter, 0.0000000000 cm. Circumference
Measurement Types: Item (Overall)
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18.1 a b