Award Ribbons 25th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

From East Windsor

There are 3 medals in a black letter jewelry case. The medals are as follows: 1)  1.25" round metal badge with red ribbon hanging from it. Ribbon reads: REUNION, HARTFORD, CONN. August 26, 1916. The badge has two dates: Nov. 11, 1862 and August 26, 1863. 2) A blue ribbon that shows signs of having been attached to something. It reads: REUNION, 25TH REGIMENT, CONNECTICUT, VOLUNTEERS, ROCKVILLE, CONN, August 26, 1911. 3) A 1.75" round metal badge with a blue cross design on a white background surrounded by a red circle. The badge is hanging from a bronze "pin" that has a flag on each side of a round area. The round area shows a soldier carrying a rifle on his shoulder.

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