Oil "Betty" Lamp
Oil "Betty" Lamp

Oil "Betty" Lamp

From Madison Historical Society

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Curatorial Description
Oil or "Betty " lamp with hinged lid. Early, likely used fish oil or animal fat for fuel.  Body is a half circle with pointed hinged trough with tray for wick. Metal wick pick attached to a strap handle curved over body. Good condition, some rust, may once have been painted black.  No branding.  OH 5"; OL 4"; OW 2 5/8".
0.0000000000 cm. H X 0.0000000000 cm. W X 0.0000000000 cm. D X 0.0000000000 cm. L, 0 g Weight, 0.0000000000 cm. Diameter, 0.0000000000 cm. Circumference
Measurement Types: Item (Overall)
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