Pieced Quilt

From Fairfield Museum

Date manufactured/created
circa 1810
Curatorial Description
Pieced cotton quilt top variation of nine-patch pattern with alternating large blocks of printed floral blue, red and brown on white background and red calico print. (Overall appearance looks somewhat like Irish Chain.) Back is white linen, various quilting patterns inside large diameter and grid; there seem to be five or six quilt patterns:  pink apple flower bouquet; swags; stylized floral and leaf forms diamond grid made up of rope design; - bound with hand loomed tape of three shades of brown. Back is three lengths of linen joined together. Linen, possibly hand loomed. Quilt pattern has been penciled in at some areas of top. Fabric from 1790-1810 period.
99” H X 97 1/2” W
Measurement Notes: 99” H x 97-1/2” W
Measurement Types: Item (Overall)
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