Wholecloth Quilt
Wholecloth Quilt

Wholecloth Quilt

From Fairfield Museum

Date manufactured/created
circa 1820 – 1850
Curatorial Description
All white cotton wholecloth quilt with stuffed white work. Three vertical strips sewn together form top. Fine white cotton top and bottom. White left strip 31” wide; center and right strips 30” wide cotton thread used for quilting. Also called “whole cloth” quilt. Top of Quilt: Corner at front end (footboard) are cut out to allow for fitting around bed posts. All edges except headboard are fringed with 2 1/2” white white cotton fringe. Quilting stitches in center are rows of “fish scale” stitches; center is bordered by one row of feather stitching. Edges that hang over bed are quilted with diagonal parallel lines of stitching. A row of feathered stitching borders that and the edges are fringed, except at top.
97” W95” L
Measurement Notes: 97” O. W. including fringe X 95” O. L. including fringe (238.8 x 246.4 cm)
Measurement Types: Item (Overall)
Credit Line
Gift of Grace R. Jackson
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