Silliman-Wooster Reinforcement Letter

Silliman-Wooster Reinforcement Letter

Parchment, Ink
Document with letter exchange between General Gold Selleck Silliman and General David Wooster concerning the British raid on Danbury during the Revolutionary War. Document is a single sheet with Silliman's initial request for reinforcements from Wooster on top and Wooster's response on the bottom. The letter was written early in the morning on April 26, 1777, shortly after the British landed at Compo Beach in what is now Westport. In his note, Silliman suspects that the British are moving towards Danbury, but is concerned about a reserve on enemy troops still with their fleet near Compo. Wooster commands any troops in the New Haven area to move to Stratford and await further orders.
Full text of the letter reads:
Faifield April 26th, 1777
8 o'clock A.M.

The enemy have advanced above the Country Road at Saugatuck Bridge and are advanceing (sic) on, I suspect toward Danbury. Pray join us directly and order some more troop for the Fleet are lying off Compo and I don't think it prudent to send all the troops off from the sea shore for it is certainly probable they have a body of reserve on board as they now on shoe don't by our accounts exceed a thousand men. I am sir your 
Most humble servant 
G. Sellak Silliman

On receipt of this the officers commanding Continental troops or militia in New Haven & the adjacent towns, are ordered to march them immediately for Stratford, where they will receive further orders. This order they will forward on to the Norther & Eastern towns whose Militia are ordered to hold themselves in readiness to march at a moments warning -- General Wadsworth has orders to march This Brigade immediately to New Haven to defend the sea coast -- Milford April 26, 1777 10 o'clock A.M.

David Wooster
Maj. General

To Captain Robert Brown
Send a copy of this without delay to General Wadsworth