Documents (Costume)

July 1911 (Date manufactured/created)
1910s (Date manufactured/created)
 Page from Dartmouth student publication "The Undergraduate Chair" about sorority dress code. 2 pages. No date.
Various magazine clippings about fashion ca. 1904. 3 pages. 
 NYT article "Eugenie and other queens of fashion". 2 pages. Date: 09/20/1931.
 Unknown publication article "The Easter Bonnet". 3 pages. Date: 1920.
 NYT article "From bloomers to shorts: an epic journey". 3 pages. Date: 08/26/1934.
 Photograph by Brown Bros. in "Leslie's Weekly". 1 page. Date: 06/08/1905.
Picture by Charles Dana Gibson "In the Nineties - 'The Real Exhibit at the Horse Show'". 1 page. No date.
 (Two) pictures of clothing on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2 pages. No date.
 NYT article "Pageant of first ladies". 3 pages. Date: 08/16/1931.
 NYT article "A Quarter of a Century Ago on Fifth Avenue: Leaders of Society Who Lived on New York's Famous Street". 2 pages. Date: 10/09/1932.
NYT article "Echoes of the swirling peacock alley days". 1 page. Date: 07/09/1933.
 NYT article "The Girl of To-Day" features "photographs of young women whom they considered typical of the American girl". 8 pages. Date: 12/14/1913.
 NYT article "'The Sweetest Story Ever Cold'". 1 page. Date: 09/18/1930.
 NYT article "Evening Gowns Shown in Paris as Nation Went to War". 8 pages. Date: 10/04/1914.
 NYT article "The Girl of To-Day". 8 pages. Date: 12/07/1913.
 Page from magazine "'A Lady of Quality' in a day-time costume by Hickson". 1 page. Date: 1924.
Pages from magazine "Study of Miss Constance Delanoy". 4 pages. Date: 1904.
 Clipping with title "'Corsets Cadolle'". 1 page. No date.
Scrapbook for Maude A. Scrantons Wedding clothes, Madison, July 10,191/ Given by her daughter E.S.P. Wright.

The Altman Magazine clipping, features woman in dinner dress by Martial et Armand. 1 page. Date: 1926.
 Clipping from unknown source, featuring "Chanel Model Imported" and "Louiseboulanger Model Imported". 2 pages. No date.
 Clipping from unknown source of two women wearing dresses. No labels. 2 pages. No date.
 Unknown source clipping of two women wearing long, traditional dresses. 1 page. No date.
Elite Styles Magazine pages featuring women wearing long and short traditional dresses. 4 pages. Date: 05/1909.
 The Smithsonian magazine pages "Going Toe to Toe With Shoes". 9 pages. No date.
unknown publication pictures of women wearing bonnets. 1 page. No date.
4) New Haven Tercentenary document "Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin" by Joseph W. Roe and Richard S. Kirby. 1 page. Date: 1938.
Godey's illustrations   Drawings of young women wearing long, traditional dresses from "Les Modes Parisiennes". 4 pages. Date: 10/1864.
 B. Altman & Co. (at 5th Ave.-Madison Ave., 34th and 35th streets in NY) booklet entitled "Book of Styles for Spring and Summer (Number One Hundred Eleven)". 87 pages. Date: 1915.
Drawing of women in colorful, fancy attire. Label on diagram is "Capewell & Kimmel S. c. - Godey's Fashions". 1 page. No date.
 Collection of drawings "Godey's Americanized Paris Fashions". 3 pages. Date: 1863.